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Lymphatic drainage is a special laser cooling


Even for just a month and the holidays begin with many viewing in the mirror and thinking hard what to do to not have in bikini on the beach ashamed. The thighs, buttocks and belly should be slimmer, what about the cellulite? It is possible to try other inventions of modern medicine – laser. It’s not just about the laser, but as the name suggests, combines three technologies that simultaneously performs. click here

Lymphatic drainage is a special laser cooling. It was during one treatment “you dropped” in circumference thigh or abdomen and three centimeter.

How does it work? The device first lifted from the skin and muscle so checking out her. Laser extends lymphatic vessels and thus achieving the elimination of dead cells and pollutants that form under the skin just unsightly cellulite. Finally cooling system pulls the skin and subcutaneous tissue regeneration ensures.

Special laser treatment can not undergo any, are diseases which are exclusive. TriActive is not suitable for patients with skin and infectious diseases, inflammation of the veins or for people with impaired blood clotting. It is therefore necessary to advance medical examination. The treatment itself is virtually painless, the patient may feel a slight stinging, and only during the actual performance.

As the body loses weight? How is it possible that during the hours reduces body circumference by several centimeters? During the procedure of modifying the metabolism in the skin, the drainage of waste products and extra water, laser is effective even in the so-called fats deposit, but that was achieved lasting effects, doctors recommend the choir repeated about ten times.